About Eoin:

The main objective of Eoin’s artwork is to create something an individual can connect with on a personal level. 

Although constantly moving, questioning, learning, experiencing, Eoin has always had a fascination with the relativity of time, space and the physical form. This fascination has led him to the point of questioning what is relevant as a product of 'art' - is the 'artwork' the process the artist undertakes in discovering a visual representation of an ideal inside them? Or is the 'art' the finished object which somebody can see, touch, smell, feel in the physical form?

Does art have to be seen to exist?

Can art simply be an experience of an ideal within the artist's mind?

Recently Eoin has begun working more with light and photography alongside his painting which he believes originates from his sculptural background. 'The beautiful thing about working with light is that it is totally ephemeral. Using light to paint doesn't allow the viewer, or even the artist himself to actually view the piece in real time - it can only be perceived when captured in a still photograph.' Does this mean that the artwork is the finished photograph, of what appears to be a physical object in a framed setting, or the experience of being amongst the setting where the intention of the piece existed itself? 

How can a viewer experience something that doesn't exist in our sense of time, space and physicality?


Thoughts, ideas, experiences always welcome via the contact page.