Eoin: "The main objective of my artwork is to create something an individual can connect with on a personal level. To achieve this I work in 2 different avenues, studio practice and outdoors.

For much of my outdoor pieces I am drawn to areas of interesting atmosphere. Many of these pieces will never be seen in person, in turn, themselves becoming part of the setting. They are instead recorded with a still photograph capturing the setting in which the piece existed in that moment. The main influence of my outdoor work is the fragility, and strength, of that flickering light of Hope we experience during even the darkest moments along our journey in life. What drives me is the small glimmer of light that is sometimes so far away but always in reach. My aim is to bring people to that solemn moment, when we reflect, connect and dream.

My studio time is spent exploring the simple question I once asked myself - “Can a single brush stroke possess something as complex as human emotion?”. This journey has opened me up to ideas of intention, the subconscious, reflection and space. I have found that basing an artwork on imagery alone only clouds the act of painting for me. My current exploration and goal is to understand and develop my own organic, purely visual and emotive language."